August 4, 2014

I collected some data...

The past month I have begged friends, colleagues, and aquantances to fill out a short survey I developed. The purpose of this survey was to provide me with some data to explore. A way for me to show what I can do with statistics using actual data. Of course I promised everyone that I would make a fancy infographic to show the results of the study. More on that below

First, lets talk about some of the topics I included in my survey. From a researcher's point of view, I was interested in whether participants would have certain preferences when filling out the survey. Would they rather have a lot of pages with few questions or just a few pages with a lot of questions? Would they appreciate a 'neutral' option? Would they struggle with negatively worded questions? I developed the survey to answer these questions, manipulating number of questions on one page, and being sure to include one scale that included the 'neutral' option, and some negatively worded questions.

From a substantive point of view - since I am still a psychologist at heart - I was interested in the interplay between stress and having a positive attitude in life. I took a Dutch questionnaire on stress, and translated several of the freely available English language scales that can be found here as a means to measure attitude in life. More specifically, I measured three aspects of stress: stress about planning, stress about performance, and stress about the past or future. Moreover, I examined four aspects of attitude in life: Gratefulness, Optimism, Goal orientation, and Life satisfaction. I would expect that participants who experience more stress also have a less positive attitude about life and vice versa.

You are probably thinking: This is all good and well, but what about the results? As promised, I made an infographic to display some basic, descriptive results. You can see the infographic below. Hope you enjoy! (BTW, the infographic is interactive, so you can click on graphs to change the information you see. Have fun!)

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